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We want to give local economy a reboot.

Whether you are buying local or selling local, we believe in keeping your money where you make your money - local.

Your local experience just got better and here’s why.

For Buyers

Imagine a fast and easy solution for consumers to search from a wide range of products online to find the item they are looking for locally first. A place where they can support the local economy, investing where they live.

For Sellers

A place where retailers can take their online small business and give it a megaphone. An affordable, hassle-free solution that connects retailers to so many potential customers - people who choose to shop local.

HeyLocal’s Mission

Our mission is to offer a fully local online marketplace with the convenient shopping experience of retail giants, filled with great products sold by vendors within your community. This experience needs to be something that satisfies and services... both the customer and the local merchant.

Why Choose Local?

Consumer Benefits

By using HeyLocal, you are creating and maintaining the jobs of your neighbours, contributing to improved public infrastructure, and creating connections with people in your community.

Retailer Benefits

By participating, you are contributing to the movement and promoting local wealth. Selling locally means you’re also reducing your business’ carbon footprint!

Community Benefits

Buying local increases your community’s economic health. It’s also better for the environment as it reduces the use of fossil fuels, utilizes less plastic, and uses land more productively.